When finishing my degree I started working together with Jon and Eric. As young designers we needed to learn, go wrong, and the most important, enjoy designing. This was Artik Project.


Newman Collection

We design a collection of five glasses to participate in a contest. Hopefully, “Newman Collection” was winner of “emergent designer 2008-09 contest” promoted by General Òptica. Thanks to that we could find these models into the shops.


PENCIL SUNGLASSES | Produced by General Optica , 2009

NEWMAN SUNGLASSES | Produced by General Optica , 2009


Quattria Products

To present our first collection of products at DMY Berlin Design Festival we developed the Ok Shelf and Alta table. After the exhibition they become real products produced by the online furniture brand Quattria.


OK SHELF | Produced by Quattria , 2011

ALTA TABLE | Produced by Quattria , 2011