Now we can involve consumers in the process of design, from the first stage of design to the final product. We want to explore those new connections.



“ Today there are plenty of producers but too many designers and mouths to feed causing designers turn to self-production in droves."


Internet has open new scenarios for both, users and designers so how can we take advantadge of it?



_ Allowed designers become self-producers, avoiding traditional production companies’ retail system.

_ Things easy to produce in small numbers. As a result, the final design often is easy to copy, looks cheap, but cost twice as much.


_ There is a user’s profile who already knows what he need and also know what internet can offer them. 

_ More and more "Do it Yourself" is a great option for some people and internet offer to them the tools.


Let's Tool Project

Let’s Tool Project explores a new way to sell furniture online as self-producers. We don’t sell the whole product, only the functional part, focusing on what designers must solve. The user is involved on the process following the instructions to build the final product.




We as a designers sell only some specific parts that can be easily send and assembled in a wood structure.

The user can finish the piece of furniture following our instructions place assembling some of our products.


We explain to the user how to built the structure, but it can be easily modified to create his own design.

Depending on user needs it's possible to buy one or more of our products to build a piece of furniture.


User stays connected with the designer.


_ Designing is the result between the designer and the user

_ We want to listen user’s needs, to improve the final product and to come up with new solutions